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Special Needs Mom Serenity - Kathy Kelly, RN
A friendly haven for mothers of teens and young adults with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Parenting a child with special needs has it’s moments of joy, but let’s face it — it is STRESSFUL!

I’ve been exactly where you are, Mom. Feeling isolated. Exhausted. And worried… constantly worried about your child; especially now that he or she is headed into puberty. Before you know it, they’ll be ageing out of school. What if they’re unable to hold down a job? Who will care for them if you get sick? Or after you’re gone?

No one really understands what you’re feeling unless she’s a special needs mom like you who’s been traveling on the same road.

You are warmly invited to to surround yourself with inspiration, support and friendship in a relaxed, judgement-free environment — a community of moms who “get it.”

Welcome to Special Needs Mom Serenity!

Kathy Kelly, RN - Special Needs Mom
Kathy Kelly - Special Needs Mom
Serenity Circle - Special Needs Mom


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